NameHash NameBusPhone #Fax #Home #
John Becker (Grandmaster)Boet 207-3340207-3110840-975
Les Juby (On Sec)Slumpy 838-344844-928831-684
Brian Orton (Hash Cash)Orterknow 304-8563304-8560524-841
Colin Young (On PRO)Lubricunt 527-144527-146842-581
Peter Bydawell (Religous Advisor)Byde-Awhile 837-933837-933837-2705

To dial from outside S.A. ++27 31 {local number}
To dial from inside S.A. (031) {local number}


Nominated for a year's office by the outgoing GM. Cannot refuse the appointment. Basically responsible for everything if anything ever goes wrong. Most important function is organising the annual 50th run party at which point he names his successor before disappearing into the mists of time. Also names the entire incoming committee. Final authority on anything, often called in to make decisions when others cannot agree.


All secretarial functions and hare-raising. The former consists mainly of compiling the weekly newsletter and the latter is published in the same newsletter. No records are kept of "number of runs". Maintains contact with embassies and diplomatic corps for visitor information. Also responsible for keeping the website and the Bangkok and World Directories updated with current contact information. Last minute hare changes and other procedural co-ordination is through the On-Sec.


Collects run contributions (currently R5,00 incl. first beer) and beer payments (currently R2,00 each) on run nights. Hares submit claims for the beer stocks consumed to the Hash-Cash who pays them out on the next run after theirs. Controls accumulated funds. No accounting or accountability is required.


Public Relations Orifice. A new post as from Feb '96. Supposedly responsible for recruiting new members and looking after visitors. Also takes care of bad press when someone does something seriously anti-social.


Maintaining control on a run by metering out after-run sanctions is the primary functions. Specifically to curb Short Cutters and ensure that hares put some thought and effort into their runs. Also a type of custodian of the more traditional hashing customs such as circles and virgin sacrifices. Generally a more "senior" member who can wield a little authority.

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