The ONLY rule is there are NO RULES

.... and the G.M. calls the shots. He needs to make sure that HashCash corks a whole pile of money for a party after 50 runs at which time he (the G.M.) autocratically names his successor and committee and graciously (a rare occurance) he fades into the mists of time.

If the Hash is sued, or if anything else unpleasant has to be dealt with, then it's his job. Anything pleasant is grabbed by whoever can.

Who sets, and what do they do ?

On-Sec publishes a list of names with the weekly newsletter which, for several months in advance, details who sets when. Hares are responsible for arranging a swap if they can't make their designated week and advising On-Sec accordingly. Other than that .......

The hare .... Attends the run the week before his, writes up the event, and delivers his critique to the On-Sec in time for publishing in the newsletter. Sets the run (hopefully with some forethought) and is at the venue early to make sure that those who are directionally challenged can find the off. Watches the front runners to prevent stretching the pack and watches the back runners to prevent any casualties. Provides a well-stocked car boot of a good range of chilled beers for Apres. Provides something warm and fortifying for the inner wimp. and hangs around until the last drunk wanders off to clean up.

Guidelines for Hares

..... and there will be fighting over this issue for months to come .....

The issue is under review !

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