If anything characterises the North Durban Hash, it is the lethargic laid-back cool once known as "Natal Fever". An absolute minimum of procedure, rules and administration is revered. No-one has any idea of who has run how many runs, and the more sacreligious aspects of hash traditions are only resurrected in the face of major transgressions (or visitors). We blame the tropical heat for this.

Fairly close ties are maintained with the three other Hashes in the Durban area and local InterHash runs are arranged several times a year. It is considered important to run with Durban Hash every once in a while as it is our Motherhash and the experience usually reminds one of the reasons we broke away in the first place. Highway HHH tend to run enormous distances which could prove life threatening to most NDHHH types who are used to a more sedentary style of hashing. Hotties we would run with if ever we were asked, in spite of the long courses and blistering speeds.

The Runs

In general, the classic NDHHH run is set in 10 foot high canefields on warm summer evenings. An average 5km to 7km run set in new territory with plenty of falsies, great views, and a long downhill home run. (This can of course degenerate to 12km of down-the-beach with the only breaks being crawling through spider infested stormwater tunnels.) The run over; one finds that the thoughtful and caring hare has a carboot full of (many) well chilled beers and a fire going where the most succulent of treats are being grilled. However, that's the classic run..........

Throw R5,00 into the cashbox for your first beer and it's R2,50 per beer thereafter.

Territory is supposed to lie somewhere (remember *no rules*) between the Umgeni River and the Umdloti River and not keeping to the bush will irk the pack. Forcing everyone to crawl on their bellies for several kilometres of bushbuck trail will not do your reputation any good either. Find the happy medium of open fire breaks and skyline ridge runs. Keep off of tarred roads and cross freeways only with an admission that you were lost when setting.

Summer Runs

Are considered all year except for mid-April through mid-August. The daylight will last through to 5:30 pm but watch out for light on overcast days in late Autumn and early Spring. Home runs on tarred roads are acceptable at these times. Unless you're a known and accepted eccentric, these runs are expected to be in the bush.

Winter Runs

... are a bitch. Generally May, June and July. Start in the dark, finish in the dark. Chalk marking on suburban roads; often a "follow the hare" outing. Usually compensated for by a better after-run parties (known as Apres) these runs often end at a hare's home where copious quantities of exotic liquor can, with a little effort, be found. Many a winter hare has attempted to hide his best wines and imported beer stocks in the ceiling or in a neighbour's garage.

Run Pointers (remember "no rules")

Look to the section "The Rules" for guidelines on interpreting NDHHH trail markings.

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