Boet John Becker
Byde-A-While Peter Bydawell
Calamari Rob Cunnama
Canna John Powell
Colombo Derek Rye
DickSkin (under construction) James Dixon
Gasper (under construction) Jasper Knight
Heavenly Kevan Hunt
Huggi Phil Rose
Hypo (under construction) Paul Lewis
Kamikaze Rob Roe
Lubri (under construction) Colin Young
OrterKnow Brian Orton
Plumber's Mate Greg Bishop
RearEnd (under construction) Ken Reardon
Sleep System Nigel Stanway
Slumpy Les Juby
The Bishop Bob Bishop
Yabampotya Steve Cameron
Whistler Pete Smith

If you feel that any of the above comment is unwarranted, and/or that stronger feelings need venting - then please direct these musings to the On-Sec by e-Mail or fax: (031) 844-928 to transform your comment into more libel.

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